Desi and Leah Featured

Learning the Ropes

Leah is a determined amateur female wrestler trying hard to learn how to perfect her technique so she can overpower and pin David quickly and easily. Because Leah has such a great attitude towards grappling, David needed to find someone experienced in the female wrestling industry who could help Leah improve her game. After searching high and low, David had the good fortune of finding one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in California. Desi is well known in the female wrestling circuit, traveling all over the country to compete in highly competitive matches against other tough female athletes like herself. With her vast knowledge of wrestling and jiu jitsu, Desi was more than qualified to step up to the task. While Desi carefully explained important tips to Leah on how to execute different holds, David, for whatever reason was not being cooperative in his role as victim. Desi, despite her friendly demeanor, clearly became more and more frustrated at David’s obnoxious behavior and was forced to step in and punish David each time he acted out.

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