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Desi and Leah Featured

Learning the Ropes

Leah is a determined amateur female wrestler trying hard to learn how to perfect her technique so she can overpower…

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Katie and Kelsey Featured

Katie and Kelsey

David is trying to show Katie and Kelsey some of the wrestling holds but the girls are not focusing. As…

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Kayla and Tori Featured

Kayla and Poison Ivy

Kayla is a former high school wrestler so she knows her moves and holds. Her legs are solid muscle and…

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Medley Featured

Wrestling Medley

What happens when you get 4 amateur female wrestlers together to go up against 1 guy? The logistics of doing…

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Casey and Monisha Featured

Two is Better than One

Casey knows her stuff when it comes to wrestling. Even alone, Casey can overpower David and force him into submission….

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Petra and Catia Featured

Not Paid Enough

David hires Petra and Catia to star in a wrestling video but David is a little short of funds and…

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