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Wrestler Audition – Desi

Desi is a professional wrestler, purple belt in jiu jitsu and trains in MMA. She can throw someone across the ring and body slam her opponent to the mat with her tremendous upper and lower body strength. Despite her fearsome grappling skills, she is a sweetie to work with. Desi is well aware of her ability to easily choke someone to death with her legs or arms and was always careful to not apply too much pressure while executing the holds on me during our latest video shoot. Even so, with all the precautions we took, as soon as she locked her holds around me, I instantly felt the pressure from the muscles in her legs flexing around me and was forced to gently pinch her to signal to her ease up so I could breathe. Because of her superior knowledge in grappling, she enjoyed explaining to the audience what she was doing so this video is clearly both entertaining and educational.

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