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Wrestler Audition – Petra

If you visit the gym regularly, you will most likely see at least a couple of women doing weight training on their legs and core. And some of these women have built up strength in their lower body that exceeds that of the guys. But it is very rare to see a woman who is not only strong below the waist but equally strong in upper body strength. Working everyday on a ranch doing physically demanding work along with riding horses, working out at the gym and learning martial arts have made Petra incredibly strong from head to toe. When I first met Petra back in 2016, she beat me at arm wrestling. I also bore witness to the incredible leg strength of this woman when she put me in a body scissors. I literally could not breathe, the pressure was so great. Petra’s legs are so strong, she was able to crush a watermelon with her thighs and when she put me in a body scissors, I felt like my ribs were going to crack. She learned the holds quickly but unlike the other wrestlers that I have worked with, she applied so much force with each hold, I had to tell her to ease up. In this audition, you will see first hand the awesome strength of this woman.

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