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Wrestling Medley

What happens when you get 4 amateur female wrestlers together to go up against 1 guy? The logistics of doing this shoot were challenging enough, let alone figuring out how to give everyone a chance to participate. With Aryn being the only skilled wrestler in the group, the only 1 on 1 match was with her. Everything else is a medley of wrestling matches featuring the girls trading off to do 2 on 1 and and 3 on 1 rounds with David. To be honest, there just wasn’t enough time to teach everyone proper application of holds but it was good enough since the girls figured out how to overpower David by sheer force of combined strength. There was one point in time David was actually able to escape the onslaught of 3 women attacking him but that was a fleeting victory. In the end, the girls won time and time again.

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